Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Soylent Green is here!

An all in one meal replacement is an idea most of us are familiar with. From pills in the Jetsons and nutritional gunk in the Matrix, it has become a staple of Sci Fi depictions of future society.

Solyent Green is remembered by many as a film staring Charlton Heston and is set in a dystopian future where global warming is causing havoc and the majority of the population survive on rations by the Soylent corporation. Their new product is Soylent Green. The disturbing secret being Soylent Green is made from humans!

A liquid meal replacement is now being marketed under the name of Soylent. Liquid food isn't at all new and has been in development and production since the 1970s. From NASA's investment into it for space travel and the medical professions use of it for those who can't break down food. It gained popularity with the general public through protein shakes used by body builders. It has never been marketed at those who spend most of their days sedentary and are pressed for time.

This use is fascinating and intriguing for me. As someone who's 9-5 is more 9-whenever with a 3 hour commute thrown on top I rarely have the opportunity to invest my time in creating nutritional meals unless all my organisation works out to a tee, which it rarely does. This also effects the amount of exercise I get so being able to replace the meals that I'm eating for the sake of silencing my gut with something that is providing me with efficient calories seems inspired! I can save money,  time and invest is say in one meal I can craft and enjoy!

There's a great in depth article and interview with the creators of Soylent in the New Yorker which you can read here.

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